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We wish you a merry christmas and a healthy 2018
It is actually what many entrepreneurs dream of: a well-regulated IT environment without worry, at acceptable rates.

CNE ICT Professionals provides in it, but also offers much more: a personal approach, high service and very clever customized solutions for every business.
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CNE has a vast amount of experience in implementing large ánd small VoIP environments. With Xelion we have the best VoIP platform in the market.
Using voip telephony is always a cost reduction compared to traditional telephony. Both call rates and infrastructure costs are much lower.
Using the Xelion Appyour smartphone becomes an integral part of your phone system and thus of youraccessibility. Fully provider independent. And off course integrated in the standard functions
ICT must work all the time. Just like water from the tap and power from your wall outlets. Failure is odious and your ICT supplier must take care of your ICT.Most of our services can be completed with an Service Level Agreement in which we precicely agree upon what is included in the support and what is not.
NE supplies all varieties of (internet) connections such as Fiber, Cable or any DSL variation like ADSL of (V)VDSL. We also supply the necessary network equipment like switches, WiFI access points, routers, firewalls and modems to connect your local network fast and safe to the internet.
Our helpdesk is staffed by certified professionals who are capable of solving you issue fast and accurate. Most of the time whithin the length of a telephone call. Ourt ticketing system keeps track of the progress of an issue and keeps you informed, simply by email.
Office 365 is dezelfde Office die u al kent en elke dag gebruikt. En nog meer. Omdat Office 365 werkt met kracht van de cloud, hebt u vanaf vrijwel elke locatie en elk apparaat (pc, Mac en tablet) toegang tot uw toepassingen en bestanden en zijn ze altijd up-to-date. Hetzelfde geldt voor updates van functies: u krijgt ze automatisch.
CNE Private Cloud Computing takes care of your ICT completely. No need for own servers, backups and updates. No worries about security and protection. We run the ICT, you mind your own business!
Woking in the cloud means: No stress about your ICT. Everything you need runs continuously, safely and fast in our cloud and you can work where and whenever you want. No worries about backups, everyone works with the same software versions... you can concentrate on your own business.